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Dec 27

Bestfriend problems

Everone has had that one bestfriend that you and her use to say we will be friends till the end me and my friend use to say “im going to be your brides maid at your wedding and we are going have our babys the best friends and go to clubs and party at 21 when everythings legal for use”
What the hell happened to that what happened to the promise we made the things we said nothing could tair us apart what the fuck happened to forever and always damn man
Selina, Amber, Ashley, Andrea, Linda, Brittny, Lexi, Destine, Michela, Wendy,Genises, what the hell happened to you guys you just left me like i was nothing like i wasnt a big part of your life
But i need to forgive if i want to move on but its harder then it looks….

Dec 27

Moving on

The sad truth is i think i just dont think im in love with you anymore i will always care about you and hope you the best
But i just dont love you anymore like i use to when i use to look at your face and smile or wish i was with you right now or want to call you and tell you i love you…
I just dont want you anymore and i think after everything you put me through i should have left you along time ago but its finally here the day i finally stopped caring about the things you did
I guess the whole reason i got over you is that i finally forgave you and forgiven myself for letting you in to deep
    So its okay i forgive you and im so over the fact that u broken my heart!

Dec 26
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